Colours for Christmas

Corn husk wreath from Martha Stewart

Every year I look forward to creating a new decorating theme for Christmas. Last year I did a simple but chic grey, red and white scheme. My mother and I really get into this and whoever hosts Christmas lunch gets to choose a colour scheme for the big family gathering.

This year its my turn. I am having all my family to lunch in my not-quite-finished church hall so getting the kitchen cupboards and walls painted will probably come right down to the wire. Nothing like a deadline to get your renovation done…

Living in the country, as I do, there is not a lot of tasteful festive stuff available in stores so one is forced to fall back on ones own craft skills and what is available at local chain stores. This year it is looking like I will be going with a more bold and un-traditional colour scheme of hot pink and red, with a dash of gold.

This rag wreath is really easy to make and looks fun and festive. Start with a polystyrene form available from most craft shops and experiment with fabric strips.

What decorating ideas are you going with this festive season?

Author: rehan