Home Office Re-Design

If you study the elements that make this eclectic office gorgeous, it comes down to the green walls, white vintage desk with contrastingWassily chair and the bold floral rug which anchors it.

I have a new space for my home office which looks pretty sad, I’m sorry to say. I need some inspiration!
It is also a storeroom for all my house props so this will be a big challenge to bring it all into line.
I have an antique desk which I’ve had since school, but it either needs to go or be re-painted a happy colour.
The walls also need a paint so I might inject some colour – or wallpaper – here too. Its the one space in the house that is just mine and mine alone. I had never realised that until just now so that means I can paint it whatever colour I like!
Here are some of the must-have elements:
– a vintage desk with some personality, painted white or a bold colour
– an over-sized pinboard
– a stylish chair (no black vinyl swivels for me)
– great light fitting
– cool table/desk lamp
– heaps of attractive storage
– a graphic rug

What would your ideal home office look like? Chic and sleek or stylishly eclectic?

This modern office is probably like the space I have to work with – love the all-white with a touch of blue. This happy space is in a lovely house in Brisbane I photographed last year by designer Anna Spiro. The yellow vintage desk makes it!

Author: rehan