Painting the Church Hall – Interior

I am always fascinated by the zeitgeist of changing colour fashions.

A decade ago I can remember talking to a real estate agent about the colours people paint their houses. We were looking at a house that had been painted a very daring and dark battleship grey and he said “thats just a fad – it will be over by next year.”

Well all shades of grey are still very much “in”. In fact I am sitting here with four sample pots in varying shades of grey trying to work out which one will work for my church hall interior.

Why not paint it white, I can hear some of you saying. Well the walls are lined in very old cedar boards with plenty of imperfections so a darker colour will not highlight the nicks and wobbles as much. The vast pitched ceiling is painted a bright white (Dulux White On White) with big exposed wooden trusses.

The very deep skirting boards, which I am loving, and chunky architraves are also being painted a crisp white. As the room is so huge we decided that it could take some colour.

My inspiration is the joinery in Atlanta designer Jill Brinson’s loft, above.

Author: rehan