4 Tips How to Survive in Nature

4 Tips How to Survive in Nature

How to Survive in Nature: Do you already know how to survive in nature? This week’s Outdoors Indoors is all about that topic. With these five books, you can start reading for your next adventure. Learn how to identify plates, how to tie knots or how to hunt.

4 Tips How to Survive in Nature

4 Tips How to Survive in Nature

1. Hunting

Almost everyone has an opinion about hunting. It is a subject that is much discussed. Hence this book. Hunting provides a good overview of hunting and wildlife management.

Which animal species can be hunted? What is the hunter’s role in animal species management? How is it hunted? These are questions that are extensively answered by Siebren Siebenga, the author, biologist and also hunter.

Which edible wild plant is that? This handy ANWB guide is a must-have for anyone who wants to know what edibles you can and cannot pick from nature. It helps you identify different plant species.

More than 300 wild plants, shrubs and trees are described whose leaves, fruits or nuts can be eaten. In addition, extensive attention is also paid to all poisonous plants that you may encounter. Furthermore, it contains a lot of helpful information so that you can safely enjoy sweets from nature.

2. The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide

Do you know how to survive a medical emergency without a medical professional present? New? Then this book is recommended to broaden your survival knowledge. This handbook is intended to enable the average person to deal with injuries and illnesses.

The focus is on situations in which modern medical facilities and professionals are not available due to a disaster. Joe and Amy Alton wrote the book. Together they cover topics such as allergic reactions, head injuries, animal and snake bites, fractures, nosebleeds, natural pain relief and much more!

While most medical books will send you straight to the doctor or hospital, the authors of this book assume that the worst could happen. either,

3. Bushcraft 101

This book brings to life Dave Canterbury’s wealth of world-renowned wisdom for reconnecting with the great outdoors, how to survive in nature and years of experience. A true bestseller in sports and travel.

In short, it is the ultimate source to experience the countryside. This valuable guide provides essential survival skills. This way, you too will soon know how to turn specific resources from your environment into something useful so that you can experience the beauty and thrill of the wilderness in ways you could never have imagined.

4. The SAS Survival Handbook

Indispensable for anyone who likes to engage in outdoor activities. For many years now, the SAS Survival Handbook has been the guidebook for anyone who wants to survive in challenging situations in nature.

British SAS commander John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman has put every conceivable technique in this book to the test. Furthermore, this survival guide is an indispensable helper in the wilderness for hikers and campers, survival specialists and sailors.

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