Best sewing machine ranking and buying guide

The textile sector is one of the most developed of all. Over the last few years, the purchase of sewing machines has undergone exponential growth. These are special machines used by seamstresses, textile operators, or simply enthusiasts to sew clothing and fabrics of all kinds.

When a consumer decides to buy a sewing machine, especially if they are a beginner, they are often bombarded with several different offers. Doing so, proceeding gropingly, runs the risk of buying a too professional product (in the case of a neophyte in the sector) or too basic (in a specialized operator). For this reason, in this guide, suitable for both experts and beginners, we will understand in detail the best features of a sewing machine.

Although this machine essentially performs the sewing function, many products are on the market based on consumers’ different needs. The reader, while driving, will have the opportunity to discover an updated list of the best sewing machine for advanced sewers available online. They will represent quality products, tested, certified, and full of exciting features.

Beyond that, to make the article 100% complete, we will initiate further insights into maintenance and rank some of the world’s most used models. Finally, we will see who to attribute the birth of this indispensable tool with a thousand functions through brief historical notes.

How to choose the best sewing machine

Having understood the main components for this tool’s correct functioning, it is time to understand how to choose the best sewing machine. Although it essentially performs a single operation, that is, to generate stitches, it is still possible to identify some accessories, some functions, or other specifications that differ from product to product. In other words, the points to keep in mind are dimensions, points, accessories, and functions.

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The starting point is undoubtedly based on size and bulk. If you need to move the machine continually, for example, in-home performance situations, light, and miniature sewing machines might be the best choice. Conversely, in a so-called fixed station, a giant machine (perhaps with a broader surface and more functions) could be the most efficient choice.


A second parameter to consider concerns the points. The best online sewing machines can work at a maximum of 1300 stitches per minute as for speed. However, these are satisfactory values, which the operator can adjust.

What should never be missing, even within a product for beginners, is the linear point and the Zig Zag point. They are the basis for sewing almost anything.


Turning to accessories, among the main precautions to take before buying such a product, there should be verification on the wire winder. Also, top-of-the-range free-arm products are available on the market, i.e., ideal for sewing fabrics and garments with circular or tubular parts.


The last point concerns functions. Each sewing machine has standard functions, which, however, can be accompanied by other exciting features. An example is represented by the reverse gear, a typical mechanism that allows the operator to go back to go over the same area or in case of accidental errors.

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Finally, a good sewing machine should have a relatively large number of stitches of different shapes and sizes.

Best Sewing Machine for Advanced Sewers

Ideal for a start in style, the best cheap sewing machines are efficient and relatively low-priced tools. They are mainly used by beginners or by those who intend to enter this fascinating sector.

Although the cost is low, it does not mean that the products are inferior or with few features. They represent the same technologically advanced devices, able to make the sewing experience pleasant.

Singer Promise 1409

It is an automatic sewing machine capable of developing 15 sewing operations. It has the latest generation threading system, can avoid many errors, and a free arm that offers sewing round or tubular parts.

It is suitable for many fabrics, including wool, cotton, silk, satin, velvet, and much more. It is not suitable for upholstery, leather, suede, fur, rubber, and plastic.

Inside the package, you will find: multi-function foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button foot, L screwdriver, buttonhole cutter, brush, spool pin felt (2x), needles (3x), quilt guide – margins, bobbins (3x), darning plate and protective cover.

Singer SVP 3210

It is a sewing machine with many features, appreciated by both professional users and novice operators. It has 14 sewing operations with decorative and basic stitches.

The presence of the 4-stroke automatic eyelet, combined with the internal components, allows you to start projects in the best possible way and with maximum precision.

The thread can be threaded very quickly, and there is a free arm, essential for sewing even the most challenging areas. The small size and lightweight make it usable also for transport or to store in tight spaces. It is quiet and requires little maintenance.


Singer 8280

The 16 adjustable stitches and nine automatic programs make this sewing machine one of the most popular on the market. To make it so efficient, in addition to the solid structure, we find many exciting functions. For this reason, it can be used by both professionals and newbies in the sector.

Also, in this case, we find a functional 4-stroke eyelet and support for the metal coil. This last specification, contrary to inferior quality products, is often made of plastic, representing an added value to be kept in mind.

Singer 1408

The Singer 1408 sewing machine has 14 sewing operations and maximum stability. We mention this product’s significant specifications: free arm to also sew circular or tubular fabrics, back reinforcement stitching, cord for edges and joints, and primary adjustable zigzag mode.

Also, the small size and light weight allow the machine to be moved easily according to needs. It can be stored inside a box or simply on a surface, covered with a protective cloth.

Necchi N82

It is a professional sewing machine model with unbeatable value for money. The many functions associated with a stable mechanism allow you to complete a job quickly and accurately from all points of view.

Among the main features, we mention an automatic needle threader, 14 sewing operations, eight stitches, manual adjustment of the zigzag’s width, automatic 4-step buttonhole, and much more.

It has a comfortable ergonomic carrying handle and comes in a convenient package with the standard zigzag foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button foot, L-shaped screwdriver, transport exclusion plate, two-spool stops, auxiliary spool pin, electric pedal, felt pad, buttonhole cutter, oiler, assorted needles, quilt guide, and three spare spools.

Singer Simple 3229

Magnificent sewing machine with 29 utility stitches. It is a purely automatic machine equipped with an actual intelligent panel to set the different functions. It has 15 decorative stitches and a 4-stroke automatic eyelet.

The solid structure and the automatic needle threading give the possibility to proceed quickly and without too much difficulty. The dimensions of 23 x 42 x 34 cm are associated with about 8.5 kilograms, making it easily transportable and positioned in any area.

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