Compound Bow – How to Choose the Perfect Model, Choosing It Also According to Your Height?

Compound Bow - How to Choose the Perfect Model, Choosing It Also According to Your Height?

Compound Bow: Despite its years, it is still one of the noblest weapons made by man, though it was once used by the masses. It is associated with elegance and incredible precision. The bow – because we are talking about it – today is available in various versions. It starts from classic plywood trees, which are traditionally used to make them, through reflective sports, made of high-quality, resilient materials, such as glass or carbon fiber, to modern block trees. Today we will focus on the latter.


What characterizes this arch model? First of all, it differs structurally quite far from its prototype, although the principle of operation is similar. Part of the force of tensioning the string is transferred to the pulleys, thanks to which even a person of smaller stature can release the arrow from maximum tension. The compound bow, however, should be selected according to the shooter’s height.

How Does a Compound Bow Work?

Compound Bow - How to Choose the Perfect Model, Choosing It Also According to Your Height?

To understand exactly how this type of weapon works, you need to look closely at its design. We find here traditionally a rack (handle), which is either made of light alloys (e.g., aluminum) or durable polymers. On the other hand, the biggest difference between a regular bow and a compound bow starts at the shoulder stage. They are shorter than those found in reflective or Welsh ones, but simultaneously, thanks to their stiffness, they guarantee an equally high (if not more) tensioning power. The strength and speed at which the arrow is fired depend on the length and shape of the arms, as in traditional bows. However, in this case, these parameters are not only dependent on the arms.

The main difference, however, is cams, i.e., blocks. They are metal, round or oval plates through which bowstrings and cables run. When stretched, the frames rotate on their axes. They are the second factors that influence the tension strength – it is determined by their shape and size.

It is also worth mentioning that compound bows can also be radically different in form – in stores, there are models with more elongated arms, such as the Poe Lang Cobra Protex, which is an example of a good hunting compound bow up to PLN 500 referring to both classic design and with more inward-curved shoulders.

Knowing the structure of this type of arches, we can explain the principle of their operation. Well, as we mentioned, they are much stiffer than the classic models. However, thanks to connecting the pulleys with cables, drawing the string are much easier than in a classic bow with the same energy. In addition, the so-called block the remission effect, when the force needed to keep the taut string drops even to 20% of the final value. This makes it easier to take aim and more precise shots.

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How to Choose a Compound Bow?

Since we know more or less how the weapon works, it’s worth thinking about how you can choose it according to your needs. One of the first parameters that you should pay attention to should be the remission effect. Different designs offer different values – this can be 50, 35, or even 20%. It is also important to choose the strength of the bow – the maximum allowed is 60 pounds or about 28 kilograms.

What about adjusting the compound bow to your height? The matter is very simple, although it may require counting in inches (because the length of the weapon is usually given in these). We, however, will stay with millimeters. To properly choose the weapon’s length to your height, just divide the value expressed in a given unit by 2.5. Then we choose an arc of a length similar to the obtained result. Thus, being approximately 1.75 m tall, a Crosman Wildhorn compound bow, which is 698 mm long, can be selected, for example.

Beginner Compound Bow

However, should we choose when our child is interested in archery and wants to own a compound bow? First of all, let’s consider the fact that this is the beginning of the adventure. So let’s choose a model with a weaker, adjustable stretch, of course properly adjusted to your height, using the method we have already mentioned above.

For a beginner, the ideal string is around 10-30 pounds. This will allow you to get used to the mechanics of the weapon, and at the same time, gain strength – after all, the bow is not only a sport but also an excellent exercise for the arms. These parameters correspond perfectly to Poe Lang Buster 15-29 lbs. Certainly, every student of archery will find him a companion for numerous training sessions.

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A Passion Worth Exploring

Archery is not only a sport. It is also a kind of mystical experience. Tightening the string, aiming, and releasing the arrow requires a great deal of concentration, will, and training. This, in turn, teaches patience and self-control of breath, body, and mind. You can buy various bows, bowstrings, and many other shooting gears in the – models.

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