Holiday Gift Guide: Easy PlayHouse Review

This wonderful review is part of our Holiday Gift Guide. Your kids will definately want to add this to their Christmas List this year.
We had the pleasure of reviewing a product for Easy PlayHouse. It is the cutest playhouse that is made entirely out of recycled materials which is also good for our environment.
I kept this a secret from my kids until the day it arrived. They saw the bug box and was wondering what was inside. I opened it and started to tell them about it and they started freaking out!
They ran right away to grab their crayon buckets and started drawing. After they got done though they couldn’t see the crayon very well and asked if they could paint it. I was all for it and as a family we started to brainstorm up ideas. The kids said they wanted it to look like a house.
After some thought my son mentioned a brick house. I thought we could use a rectangular sponge to make the bricks and the kids wanted to roof, door and windows to be a solid color. The next day we headed to the store to buy sponges and paints and then hurried home to start.
It took us about an hour to complete the project. I dipped the sponge in the red paint and then pressed it around the house to make bricks. I then bought foam brushes and the kids painted the roof, windows and doors solid black.
We then let it dried and I have to say it dried very quickly.  It only takes a minute or 2 to assemble it, which is a huge plus too. This is one of the easiest kid items I think I have ever assembled and the fastest by far.
The kids LOVED it as did my hubby and I!
It is the cutest thing ever and I love that we got our whole family in on the process of decorating it. My kids even went inside and drew things on the inside walls such as a tv, etc. I couldn’t get the pics to come out very well though to show those. They did an awesome job though.
They have played with it a ton since receiving it. I have a 7 1/2 yr son, 5 1/2 yr old daughter and 9 month old baby girl. They all 3 can fit on the inside without a problem. I love that my baby girl can easily crawl in and out of the home without any help from us.
It is a wonderful gift for all ages and definately a ton of Fun for All!! I highly recommend that you visit Easy PlayHouse.
Easy Playhouse founders created a cardboard playhouse that will tap into your children’s creative imagination. Our product is built and designed with your kids in mind. Your children will enjoy hours and hours of fun with hundreds of ways to create and design each playhouse.
Easy Playhouse is creative play that keeps kids active both physically and mentally. Easy Playhouse is Great for Birthdays, Holidays, Parties and School Projects because it’s:
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Gift for all Occasions
  • Great Party Activity
  • Endless Entertainment
  • Decorate with markers, crayons, paint or stickers
  • Wave cut for child safety
  • Dimensions: 34″ x 27″ x 48″
Also be sure to check out their Party Themes and How To Page on the Site. It provides you with wonderful information on how to decorate your PlayHouse.

They are also in the development stage of a new product. Visit the Coming Soon Page for info on this new item to be offered in the future.

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*Disclaimer – I received the item(s) mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*