How to Make Adorable Snowman for FREE!!!!!

How to Make Adorable Snowman for FREE!!!!!
Every year I make ghost out of trash bags to decorate our front yard. This year I decided to try and make snowmen and they came out super cute. All of this is made with things around the house.

Items needed:

  • Some type of pole or something to attach the snowman too. We have plastic shelving that we use in our garage and these poles are left overs that we do not use.
  • 3 White Garbage Bags
  • Permanent Markers
  • Something to be used for a scarf and hat
  • 2 Sticks
  • Tape (possibly hot glue gun)
  • Stuff to pack it with such as: plastic grocery bags, packing material from packages, bubble wrap, etc.

I homeschool my children and we recycle everything. I keep all the plastic bags we get from our grocery shops, packing materials such as peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. This stuff comes in handy all the time for art projects.

To start the snowman you will need your pole.

You will then open one of the garbage bags and put it over the pole. Begin stuffing it with your packing material. We used plastic grocery bags and packing paper from a package we received.

Once you get it nice and full the take the drawstrings from the garbage bag and wrap them around the pole 2 times and tie them together.

Then flip it around. At the bottom of the bag where the seam is you will see a point in each corner. We just take tape and tape each corner down to make it more round.

Now you will open the second bag. At the bottom of the bag you will make a hole big enough to fit the pole through. Push the pole all the way through it until the bag is flush with the top bag you just completed. Then begin to fill it with stuffing so that it is a bit bigger than the first one you made.

Once done the take the drawstrings and wrap them around the pole twice and then tie them. Once you are done with this push the bag up flush with the top one. We attached tap or used hot glue to attach the bags together so they stay snug to one another.

Now you will do the 2nd step again to make the bottom ball but make it a tad bigger too. Once you have all 3 on the pole now you can decorate it. I took permanent markers to make the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.

We had scrap fabric laying around to make the scarf in which we just tied around it. We found 2 sticks in our yard and we just pierced a small hole on each side to slide them in and they will stay snug with the help of the packing material on the inside of the bag.

Then we used a hat that my son no longer uses to adorn the top.

This adorable snowman was made with all things around our home. We did not spend 1 cent to make it. It is amazing what you can make with recycled materials that you already own. Just think the big snowmen you see at the stores are easily $50 or more. My snowman $0 which equals PRICELESS…lol

Hope you enjoy and if you decide to make your own please share your pics with us :)