When the editorial staff of Truites & Cie was tasked with carrying out a long-term test of polarizing glasses, the choice naturally fell on our author Jean-Michel Brunet to stick to it. Indeed, Jean-Michel is not only a fishing guide, a pupil on sight but also a ski instructor in winter and a travel enthusiast. It’s hard to find a better profile to get constructive advice! Here is his opinion on the Copper Silver Mirror and Silver Sunrise Mirror glasses from the famous Costa brand.


“Among all the equipment that a fisherman must have to best practice his passion, there is an accessory that for me is essential (and regardless of the technique used), it is polarized glasses. , My study of the Costa polarizing glasses that I studied over a full year follows. I had two pairs available: one with Copper Silver Mirror lenses with a brown tendency and Silver Sunrise Mirror glasses with a green-yellow trend.

I chose the Fantail black matte 580G frame regarding the first pair of glasses, a great classic from Costa. Sober and light model, it is a real masterpiece. I wore them almost every day of the year 2019 for all my activities. Whether driving, walking, going to the beach, skiing, they are remarkably versatile and extremely comfortable to wear. The colors are contrasted, the rendering is precise and conforms to reality.

On the fishing side, I tested them in rivers, mountain lakes, and even at sea. What emerges is that they are very pleasant glasses to wear on one condition and sufficient light.

No matter where your gaze is and the environment in which you operate (they blew me away at sea), these glasses will give you everything you can hope for from a very good pair of polarizers in the presence of the sun.

Indeed, I caught several pretty nymph fish on sight with these glasses, but an overcast day complicated things, and although having very good eyesight, I found myself in difficulty. It is an ultra-versatile lens color, but it has its limits for sightseeing when the weather is not sunny. ”

“Regarding the second pair, Gilles Lopez, who for Truites & Cie chose the Silver Sunrise Mirror lenses and the Motu 01 580G frame, a frame also black, sober, and light. The temples are a little less curved at the back than the Fantail. , they are also very comfortable to wear.

Regarding this model, I used it mainly for fishing and also for skiing in cloudy weather. For me, it is the ultimate sight fishing scope. The glasses are clear and lighten up the color of the rivers. You are never dazzled by the sun, even in good weather, and I think that for people sensitive to clear glasses, this greatly limits the occurrence of migraines.”

“I have fished in rivers and mountain lakes with it; it has always been a real pleasure. This style of glasses for freshwater fishing doesn’t have any flaws for me. The color of the context is meaningless. Of the river in which you are moving, you will always see it extremely well.

I also tested these goggles on skiing on a “white day,” They perfectly met my expectations by generating brightness and bringing out the reliefs. I like to use them a little less for other activities, particularly walking in the mountains, because by increasing the light, they modify the contrasts a little too much for my taste.

In conclusion, here is what I can tell you about these two models of the most popular costa sunglasses:

The copper silver mirror glass is the glass you need if you are looking for real multipurpose polarizing glasses, versatile glasses for your daily life that will accompany you everywhere. It will also be a very pleasant partner during your fishing trips in good weather.

The silver sunrise mirror glass is the glass you need if you are looking for a telescope specially dedicated to sight fishing or if you want to see the bottom of the river in which you are operating in all circumstances. It will meet all your expectations and allow you to approach the sectors in the best possible way. For skiers, it is the telescope for days without light. ”

“Finally, I would also like to salute the robustness of the frames and the lenses. I am a big consumer of sunglasses, and I admit that this is the first time I have glasses that appear after a year, Always like new. I wear glasses twelve months a year; all my activities are practiced outside. Despite this, the color of the frames and the coating of the lenses remain in perfect condition. For several years I have been fishing with other major eyewear brands, including Maui Jim, and I admit I discovered Costa eyewear last year, to my great pleasure.”

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