Nike+ Run Club App Review

Nike+ Run Club App Review: Nike + Run Club computer program – review Hello, recluses! The quarantine will show who ate as if not themselves and who was preparing for the new summer form. Those who cannot train at home want to get in shape quickly as soon as they emerge from self-isolation – welcome to the Nike Run Club app.

Nike+ Run Club App Review

Your ideal running app which can be use as Walking Apps for Weight Loss Track your runs, follow adaptive workout plans and run with your friends. All this is possible with the Nike Run Club app.

For whom?

The app is suitable for anyone, whether you have two legs or ride a wheelchair. No matter your height, weight, or age, the application is suitable for everyone.

What is necessary?

I recommend investing money in running shoes, and the best shock-absorbing materials distinguish them; they fit snugly on the foot and are well ventilated. Also, running shoes are very comfortable for everyday life or for other sports activities so that it will be a good investment anyway.

I would also recommend purchasing equipment made of sweat-wicking materials. Cotton clothes get wet and chafe quickly; choose modern synthetic materials that adhere to you like a second skin. This is important because it is easy to rub your shoulders, armpits, and inner thighs during long runs. Most brands have special editions explicitly designed for running.

What’s inside?

  • You can use the application both indoors on the treadmill and outdoors; the application will save your every run with all the related information.
  • You can select an audio workout in the app, and this is an excellent way for a short workout when you need additional motivation. Plus, professional athletes will tell you about the features while running, help with breathing and diversify the routine. Also, the application syncs with your playlists without any problems – you won’t be bored!
  • The app has a lot of motivating elements, and it records your best speed, all your marathons, and half marathons. It also assigns you your fitness level (this helps a lot if you are running).
  • You can always track the activity of your friends in order to keep up with them. I am thinking about removing my sister from my friends, she is a professional marathon runner, and her number of runs is depressing to me.
  • You can always sign up for a collective running workout, both free and paid, in the application. Or take part in a weekly marathon.

And from the news, you can always find out about the latest Nike brand, charity races, or any motivating things.

Does it motivate?

Me at one time – very much. Running is a natural way to get tons of energy and endorphins; it’s like a drug, especially when it has fulfilled its promises to itself. As soon as I was able to run the first 5 km, I immediately signed up for a colorful race. It turned out to be a lot of fun, messy and unforgettable. And even dry cleaning in the car was not needed.

Then I was bombed for a 10 km night race. Honestly, at the finish line, I sobbed that I was able to run 10 km, that I was in a crowd of like-minded people, and that I almost lost my knee, but that’s another story.

I’m still looking at the app and want to go for a run, and the app inspires me so much.


I have not been running for a long time because of problems in my knee, and such a shock load is not suitable for me. But I do not delete the application; I use it for trekking because the application shows the distance traveled and the height differences – in the mountains, it is!