PlasmaCar Hands On Review

We were very excited to review this product and to share it with you.
It is Fun for the Whole Family!!!
I came across this product by accident and decided to contact the company. I love the design of it and my kids said it reminds them of a helicopter.
The thing I really like is no batteries or charging is needed to make this item work. You use your own power to operate it and most importantly Kid Power.
Beings I homeschool my kids I am always looking for ways for them to burn off some energy.
This product is amazing. We decided to keep it in on our patio for them to use. They ride on it all of the time and have a blast. They usually have to stop to take a break to give their arms a rest etc. That is the part I love!!!  Nothing like a little down time.
The other thing I love is that I can use it too!!! Yes that is right I have to beg for my turn to ride on it.
It is the coolest thing. You sit on it and then place your 2 feet on the feet mats located on top of the car towards the front. Then grab onto the steering wheel and then start turning it back and forth. All of the sudden away you go. You can zoom all over the place. I can really feel it in my arms when I get off. Nothing like getting a work out and having fun at the same time.
It is also very sturdy and holds up great with kids. It also was very easy to assemble and only took be a few minutes. (I am very handy though so that may vary from person to person)
The only thing I wish is that we had atleast 1 or 2 more…LOL
This way we wouldn’t have to wait to take turns. If you kids don’t have this on their Christmas list they will defiantely want to add it.
My kids LOVE it as do I!!! Head on over and visit the PlasmaCar Site to view all the colors they have to offer as well.
We got to review a red one and my kids loved the color.
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