Repost on Instagram: Learn ALL the Ways on Android & iPhone

Repost on Instagram: Learn ALL the Ways on Android & iPhone

Reposting other people’s content is a feature present on most social networks. The Facebook Share button and Twitter Retweet are examples of this. But what about Instagram?

The tool is now available. some updates allowing the user to republish content they did not create, but when we want to share someone’s feed media in our own feed, it is still not possible to use a native function.

Repost on Instagram: Learn ALL the Ways on Android & iPhone

Even so, we can now republish any content within the profile thanks to the vast and fast cyber community. Do you already know how to do this? In this article I show you the various ways to repost on Instagram!

Repost photos or videos to Instagram feed

This is undoubtedly the biggest difficulty users face when it comes to reposting on the platform. After all, if I want to share someone’s post on my own feed, there is no Instagram feature for that.

But for the Internet everything has a solution. That is why many Best Instagram Repost Apps today perform this function, as is the case with Repost for Instagram. The app was the simplest and most comprehensive that we tested and it still offers all free forwarding features!

To repost a photo or video to the feed, download Repost for Instagram on your phone ( iOS or Android ). Login to Instagram as usual and choose the photo or video you want to repost. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the media and select Copy link.

Open Repost for Instagram and you will notice that the app already displays the selected media automatically. Click on the post and the app will open a new tab. If you have an Android smartphone, you can choose which corner of the middle to put the replacement strip and the color of the mark (white or black). Who uses iOS does not have this option: /

From this step, the app slightly changes its operation according to each operating system. So, let’s explain step by step to each person so that no one gets complicated:

Ways to Repost on Instagram On Android

Click the button Republish and the app will copy the title of the original publication automatically. Click on Open Instagram and the app will redirect you to the media editing part, which is already within Instagram. Then just paste the title into the text field or type whatever you prefer. Click Share and the post will be posted back to the feed.

Ways to Repost on Instagram On iOS

IPhone users cannot post Repost band through this app. Therefore, this step does not exist here. Click the button Republish and the app will show three options:

  • Copy and open Instagram
  • Copy subtitle
  • Cancel

Click Copy and open Instagram and then choose Feed. You will be redirected to Instagram to edit the media. So just paste the title into the text field and click Share.

If you work from your computer, there is even the Repost option available in Postgran. With your platform account open, click Repost in the left menu and enter the link of the post you want to republish (the platform also accepts YouTube video links!).

Click Search and Postgrain will automatically open the media with the original post caption ready for you to post. Choose if you want to Post Now or schedule a time for the post to join Instagram.

How to repost stories on Instagram

Currently, reposting a story directly from Instagram requires a profile that tags your @ in your story. When this happens, you will receive a notification in your DMs along with a button. Add to your story. Click on it and edit the story normally.

But how do you repost a story where you weren’t tagged? Once again, we will have to turn to third-party apps, but stay tuned because in this tutorial we will suggest an app for each operating system, since neither is available for both.

How to repost stories on Instagram with Android

Our darling for Android is the Protector of history. The app is free and very similar to Repost for Instagram, but it focuses on Stories.

Within the app, log into your Instagram account. The app will show you a feed with the latest stories from your friends. You can also search for a specific account in the search bar simply by entering the username.

Select the user and the app will show you a page with all the stories. Choose which of the stories you want to republish and a window will appear with three options:

  • Save: save media files to your phone and manually upload them to Instagram app;
  • Share: share media on other social networks like WhatsApp, Messenger, Gmail, etc.
  • Repost: Share the story on your Instagram account directly.

Choose option Republish then select Tales (The app also allows you to publish the story in your chosen feed!).

Story Saver will direct you to the Instagram Stories feature and you can edit the media as normal. Then just share!

How to repost Instagram stories with iOS

For iPhone owners, we chose to talk about Story Reposter, one of the fastest and easiest apps for reposting Instagram Stories (no login required!). Ignore the platform ads and get connected step by step:

Search for the username you want to republish in the initial search bar. The app will show you the existing profiles with the term you searched for. Select the profile you want.

The app will show you all the available stories of the profile you have chosen. Select what you want to republish and click the blue Repost button in the middle of the screen. Click on Instagram and then on Stories. Done.Now you can edit the story normally!

Republish feed posts to stories

One of Instagram’s native posting features is the ability to share a Feed post in Stories. And it’s very easy: choose the post you want to republish and select the “airplane” icon in the lower right corner of the media. Then click Add Story Post.

Now just edit how you want! Reduce the size of the post with your fingertips and insert any labels or text.

Why repost Instagram content?

Those who know the content know that creating exceptional material requires many obstacles. In addition to becoming a trend used by most marketers, user-generated content is a strategy that subtracts some of these obstacles.

Better known as UGC ( ), user-generated content is any photo, video, or comment that a consumer has spontaneously produced for your brand.

In addition to having a very low cost of production (after all, the material will be ready for you to publish), user-generated content still gives you much greater social support because you are someone “ordinary” who speaks well of your brand .

This is where the forwarding feature comes in. In addition to humanizing your business and bringing it closer to consumers, sharing followers’ posts also fills up the week’s post calendar.

Maintaining a frequency of forwarded content from your followers is a practice that generates empathy and still opens up a great space for dialogue with your audience. Have you started using it? 😉 Tell us the results!

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